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Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can compromise your mobility and quality of life.

At Washington Foot and Ankle, we offer a variety of treatments to reduce ankle pain and restore proper movement, function, and comfort.

How do I know if I need a doctor in Romeo, MI, for ankle pain?

Sprains: A Common Cause of Ankle Pain

The ankle comprises bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that connect the foot to the leg.

Sprains are the result of torn or stretched ligaments.

a graphic showing the lateral view of the ankle, pointing out the posterior tibiofibular ligament, anterior tibiofibular ligament, posterior talofibular ligament, calcaneofibular ligament, and anterior talofibular ligament. Also showing someone spraining their ankle.

Ankle sprains have three grades:

Stretched or Slightly Torn Ligament

Grade 1: Stretched or Slightly Torn Ligament

Larger Incomplete Tear

Grade 2: Larger Incomplete Tear

complete tear

Grade 3: Complete Tear

Tendonitis of the Ankle

A tendon is the fibrous tissue that connects the muscle to the bone. Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of a tendon.

Peroneal Tendonitis

There are two peroneal tendons in each leg that run along the fibula — one connecting to the arch and the other to the base of the little toe. The peroneal tendons help provide ankle stability. Peroneal tendonitis is usually caused by improper footwear or excessive strain.

Achilles Tendonitis

Continued stress on the Achilles tendon can result in inflammation over time. Achilles tendonitis can affect the middle part of the tendon (noninsertional) or the lower part of the tendon closer to the heel (insertional).

illustration of swollen Achilles tendon

Broken Ankle

x-ray of broken ankle

Types of Fractures

Broken ankles involve fractures to one or all of the three bones that comprise the ankle joint: the talus (the ankle bone), the medial malleolus of the tibia, and the lateral malleolus of the fibula. The most common types of ankle fractures include:

  • Lateral malleolus fracture
  • Bimalleolar ankle fracture
  • Trimalleolar ankle fracture
  • Pilon fracture (aka plafond fracture)

Potential Treatments

Stress fractures and mild ankle breaks can be treated with a splint, cast, or walking boot. This stabilizes the joint, allowing the bone to heal and minimizing ankle pain. Major fractures may require surgery.

Whatever the treatment involves, Dr. Corbin's primary aim is to reduce ankle pain and restore as much of a patient's mobility, independence, and quality of life as possible.

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EXCELLENT!! I loved everything about my experience with Dr. Corbin and her Staff! Very professional and friendly. Before and after my foot surgery - they followed through with everything!! Surgery went well and Dr. Corbin was amazing! Thankful for this Doctor and Staff! :)

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Dr. Corbin is wonderful, she took care of my foot problem, she offered many suggestions to keep my feet healthy, and she listened to me when I had questions. I highly recommend her,

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